Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pizza Box

By now you all know how I feel about Domino's. In which case you have probably lost all respect for me whatsoever....but for your information, I heard a rumor that Pizza Box in Hong Kong is run by the folks who previously ran the now failed Hong Kong Domino's and that they still make pizza with a similar recipe. I figured it was too good to be true so I immediately forgot about it.  And then, just like in the Book of Exodus, the dew evaporated, a delivery flier appeared in my mailbox and a manna from heaven, in the form of a sizzling Pizza Box cheese pizza, appeared in my apartment.  

I have a few problems with delivery pizza in Hong Kong, in particular, that it always takes forever and is ice freezing cold upon arrival.  I was pleasantly surprised to hear from the Pizza Box phone person that it would be 30-45 minutes.  Not bad...Food by Fone please take note: 2.5 hours is not an acceptable delivery time for food items that are intended to be hot.  Or otherwise.

I was absolutely shocked thrilled when the pizza came on time, hot and looking exactly. LIKE. a DOMINO'S pizza.


It also tasted like it.  The sauce is a little different, but the crust and cheese are dead ringers for the real Dominosalicious original.
I know I should be happy... but honestly I feel sort of hollow inside.  For the past two years in Hong Kong I've been looking for a replacement Domino's. Now that I've found it my life has no purpose!  Except waiting for the Vikings to win the Superbowl.  Given our quarterback situation that probably won't happen anytime soon.  So no need to keep me away from the suicide bridge in Guangzhou just yet.
Crust (delivery standard): 8
Sauce: 4
Toppings: 7
Delivery: 9
VFM: 7
Overall (delivery standards): 8

Pizza Box

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  1. First of all can i say well done on this blog! i've been in hkg for 3 years and finding a decent slice has been nothing short of a disaster. I am a major, MAJOR fan of dominos .. the Pepperoni Passion with the Garlic Herb dip used to be a weekly ritual of mine from NY, to London to Tokyo .. but for some ridiculous reason Hongkers never made it on their franchise list (come on dominos!)... i tried the pizza box after your recommendation here .. it was GOOD, but lets not get crazy, its no Dominos! Hopefully that still gives you purpose to carry on :)..

    A few suggestions that i think might be worthy of you going to review them:
    A. Dukes Deli at 135 Des Vouex Road.. huge 22" pies and a claim to be a traditional NY slice. For a long time this was my go to, and its pretty tasty .. but for some reason they make life difficult 1. no deliveries past 7pm, 2. not open on sundays, 3. the 'delivery man' takes cabs to deliver the pizza (which they charge you for!) and so pizza usually arrives cold.. 4. massively expensive.. no real place to eat in either.

    B. Bacar.. along the escalator across from PURE. The Gorgonzola and Artichoke is a stunner. Consistently the best thin crust slice i've had in hkg .. very, very tasty. Their other pies are also good. Hard to get a seat in there on the evening as its right in the middle of Soho (and their delivered pizza isn't even close to as good), but definitely give it a shot.

    3. Isola in IFC.. good but expensive pizzas. Reminds me of domani slices, except (i think) a touch better. no delivery.

    Good luck with the hunt.. i'm a 'follower' of this blog now so certainly hope you find some other excellent spots!